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Vivian Scheibelein
3 min readJan 3, 2023

Welcome, weebs, to Ani-

Wait, wrong site. Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing well today. This post is primarily going to serve as a brief introduction to myself and my work as a writer, author, poet, critic, etc. I have been writing on the internet since before I started my bachelor’s degree, and since graduation looms on the horizon is over and done with, it is probably about time for me to focus on building something to serve as my personal base of operations.

Those of you who know me might recognize my name from Animated Observations, where I talk about various anime and manga from a more literary and social justice framework. I am proud to say that I have built the site up from scratch (figuratively, of course, I have absolutely no idea how to build a website properly) and managed to find a like-minded community along the way. However, while I do enjoy talking about those things, I do also have aspirations as a writer/creator myself

Most of my work during my undergraduate time at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville has been spent focusing on creative writing, and more specifically, poetry. My time in college has definitely taught me a lot, but arguably the most important thing I learned is that there is always more to learn, especially from those who have been doing the same work much longer than I have.

Given that it will likely be at least another year before I return to any sort of formal education, this will hopefully be the time during which I learn as much as possible and make as much art as possible. How will that turn out? who’s to say.

In addition to my work on Animated Observations, going forward, I can use this site as a way of updating those who are interested no my progress as an author and poet, as well as on the various projects that come out in the future. There are a lot of things I have been “working on” for a long time, but a lot of it is still sitting in a google doc as just an idea or rough sketch at best.

However, I am hoping to change that soon. My plan for after school is pretty simple: Find a full-time job under which I can support myself. Once that has been taken care of, I will be using my free time to focus on writing and content creation, ideally more writing while sprinkling YouTube videos and streams along the way.

I don’t have much else to say at the moment, since this post will probably be released closer to the end of the year after the year is over. So, when this eventually does get released, expect more frequent posts from me, both here and on Animated Observations. Thank you all for reading, peace!

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